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Thread: WTB F355 or F360

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    WTB F355 or F360

    Looking to buy a F355 or F360 kit or unfinished car in Ontario.

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    Re: WTB F355 or F360

    Fly355 has a kit for sale abnd he is in Montreal, if I remember correctly.

    Also, contact Jim Dinner on this bnoard as he has a friend that has a 355 kit in Mississuaga. The fellow's name is Carlos but I don't know if he is on this board. I have seen some pics of Carlos' 355 in primer before making the molds so I don't know quality or price.

    I also think the fellow that bought Ari's 355 kit was looking to sell it recently and get into another one.

    Look through the Mall here a few pages back and you should see some that are up to sell.

    Good luck and welcome to our madness. It just won't go away......


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