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Thread: Laser 917 for sale

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    Laser 917 for sale

    This is a "C" body with clear title 1966 Volkswagen.
    The body is about an 8 or 9 and the paint is pretty good, not a multi grand show job but good,
    It could use wet sanding and buffing to really bring it out,

    It's missing headlight covers and the side windows are hazy so I would think they need replacing too,
    The windshield has wiper marks that I think would buff out to the most degree
    Or find a trashed Opel GT and replace it

    It's got fake centerline looking mag wheels with tires that appear almost new,

    The fellow I got it from installed dropped front spindles and new shocks and front and rear sway bars,
    I was told the pan has rust holes but I have not seen anything bad just a few very small holes,

    The interior is pretty nice with the seats and center console looking ready for a show but no headliner door panels etc,
    Note the cool cut down Scat Shifter.

    It has a type 3 engine that I have not fired off as of yet, the engine needs new exhaust but I believe it will run just fine when all the lines and wires are hooked up and the worse thing being a carb rebuilding.

    The car was a driver when I bought it before the seller pulled the engine that I didn't want because of the higher price it carried

    The old gas tank was hacked out and then a spun buggy tank installed

    The car is still a project but I believe it could be running and driving in a weekend depending on your skills and speed. I feel that If I could do it, most could,

    This is not a 100% show car but rather a good starting point to create a show stopper,

    I am in Orlando Florida near downtown and welcome anyone to come check it out.
    I love talking about these cars but do not have time for tire kickers or dreamers. Please note this is a kit car and not a Mustang or Camaro.

    The price,
    I have been looking for a while at what Lasers sell for and would like to start at this price, I am always open to realistic offers I can't and won't just give this car away,

    I am posting it for $4800.00 but that will change if I work on it one day and get it running/driving,

    Feel free to email me with a serious cash offer as I am motivated to sell

    I would rather sell for $$$ however if you are thinking trade then tell me what you have it might spark my interest,

    Here's my contact info,

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    Look at the date I posted this ad....I sold the wine car really fast then the red one sold a few years ago, I never got one reply from this ad here and forgot about it until this past week when 4 different people called me wanting to buy a laser,
    So like I said both these are long gone, but it's a buyers market for lasers if you want a project they are really cheap but a sweet driver can be had for 4-8K so have a good laugh at the dreamers calling them rare and asking 20-30 plus k....super nice lasers are still out there for way under 10K

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    That's cool Bats, thanks for the update. Glad they sold. Whats next ?
    Remember, there is always next year.

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