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Thread: OEM wheels

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    OEM wheels

    Does anybody have any idea of what a set of 4 OEM Ferrari 14" wheels might be worth? I say that they are in fair shape but the magnesium could use re-finishing (IMHO)
    The wheels shown on the car.
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    Re: OEM wheels

    You'll find out soon enough if you list them on eBay....

    Are you sure they are 14" wheels?? they look like 308 QV wheels to me....

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    Re: OEM wheels

    unfortunately not much, what you have are metric trx wheels which require a very specific and extremely expensive tire. As such they are worth very little, if they need refinishing, probably under a hundred apiece, Most people with 308s upgrade to the regular 16" chromodoras around the time that their TRX's need a new set of $1200 tires, they give you a greater diameter and your choice of domestic tires.

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