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Thread: Diablo light covers "eyebrows"

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    Diablo light covers "eyebrows"

    Im selling brand new light covers for the diablo, there from Naerc There called eyebrows, and there carbon fiber look but fiberglass underneath, I paid 160.00 u.s. for the set, im selling for 60.00 for both canadian. Email me for pics I can't post here. They cover up the word nissan on the headlights on the diablo.

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    Re: Diablo light covers "eyebrows"

    Hey email me some pics to I'll take em!! first dibs Right?


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    Re: Diablo light covers "eyebrows"

    Are you not selling these because they don't fit?
    RUNDLC do you self a favour and use vinyl strip to cover nissan words

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    Re: Diablo light covers "eyebrows"

    yes don't fit my car, but there is a difference between the body I have and others im told, and they are new and from naerc so they should fit other bodys. I gave rundlc, my mearsuments of them to make sure they fit.

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