I have been talking to a new kit company about a cobra. These guys are new but I bought a body this past weekend. The quality is above average and they are inexpensive. A complete body is $2500, and a roller with all panels hinged, most bodywork done, chassis with suspension and 17" wheels and tires for $8500. I am not affiliated with these guys, I do not know them other than this transaction. I gave a deposit two weeks ago and he called me Thursday and said it was ready for me to pick-up. Brian seems nice, they are small and need some business. If you are in the market for a cobra this may be the ticket. I did some math (I have built many cobras), and I think someone could buy their roller and build a nice ride for $12-15K with a used motor and trans.

Visit www.kitcarstogo.com, they are in Fountain Inn, SC. The other kits are not ready yet, but I did get a chance to look at their molds. The cobra molds are nice, the '49 merc is extremely nice but not quite ready for production.

Again, I am not affiliated, or related to these guys. They did good job for me and the price is excellent.