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Thread: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

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    Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    I want a F40 or Testarossa kit for the Fiero!
    Steven Rossi<br />~Kit Car Wanted~

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    A Prancing Horse will ALWAYS back away from a RAGING BULL

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    Double post, sorry.

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    Steven & other Canadians... Just so you'll know ahead of time. Transport Canada will NOT ALLOW importation of a replica(kit) mounted on a rolling chassis!!! They will allow you to import the kit, or the chassis, but not together. One has to wonder what they're smokin', but if you buy an entire replica outside of this country, be prepared to disassemble it to bring it across! Transport Canada is adament about this. Somtimes, you just have to wonder...
    PS: Once you have it in Canada, they don't care, as it's now the 'Provinces' responsibility!

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    Well thats a bloody really is
    I don't think i'll b buying an entire kit car anytime soon. I'm just looking fot the F40 or Testarossa kit anywhere in Ontario or it's close surrounding area. Ever since the Sept 11 thing everything's been soo hard and buisness has slowed. I know theres a place that advertised a F 40 kit on think it was "Fiero Conversion's" or something, and they're close, however, I know that there are A LOT of undescovered resources here in Ontario (central) that no one knows of yet. For instance I bought a 4.9 engine from a gentleman in Kitchiner that makes kit cars and he had a 355 Kit (in production at the time) that was better then ANY kit anywhere in the world. It was taken off a Ferrari 355 from one of his friends and was changed slightly so not to break any copyright or patent laws. It was nicer then any Mirage and he refuses to sell it to anyone...he offered me one for $8000 CAD, but at that point I was only interested in my 4.9 Cadero project and not any kits. But I know there are a lot of people out there that don't advertise or look around but they do make kit's...etc if only there was like a database with all kits I think all of ours lives would be much easier. I think that the 355 kit is pretty nice but I love the exotic look of the F40 or's just got a vintage 'sexy' look to it and it meshe's well with the Fiero' Chassy. I doubt anyone here will be able to help me with my pick request, however, I will find that kit one day and after that I'll let everyone know where I got it because the Canadian market is pethetic and we really have to get this going.

    So...if anyone can help...please let me know...otherwise i'll look around myself and what I find I will share with the rest of the kit car world

    take it easy
    Steven Rossi<br />~Kit Car Wanted~

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    Hi Steve,

    Whereabouts in Ontario do you live ? I know of someone who has molds to produce a 512 Testarossa Sypder although he doesnt actively advertise them for sale, i could contact him for you and find out if he's interested in selling you a body.

    Also unlike other kits out there, he has a real tight convertible top for it that looks and functions nicely.This car also has separate rockers as well.. This Yellow Spyder was used in a made for TV movie with one of the Baldwin brothers...

    Let me know if your interested and i'll get you a contact.

    Take Care..

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    f355 guy - are you talking about Carlos from Hi-Tech development?

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    Hi Ari,

    Yes, that is the Testarossa that belongs to Carlos. Had the chance to check it out last summer, and it was built very well. He has also built a Pearl White 25th Countach. His attention to detail is excellent.

    The body that is at High Tech Dev is one of Carlo's 355 kits. He had a website awhile back with some pics of the 512 and Countach. Not sure if it's up and running. I'll check on my other laptop and see if i bookmarked it.. and post it if it's still up....

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    Is this the Web site you are thinking of....

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    Re: Wanted: Ferrari F40 / Testarossa Kit

    Thanks Kit Car Guy, thats the one.....


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