Okay I am gonna put this out as a test, I live in smog crazy Cali, I have the complete powertrain from Mcaanda's 88 SSEiGT, it has 5 sp. getrag, P.S. headers, 3.4 pulley, wiring harness, pcm (programing by Lloyde) spec III clutch, MSD wires, Full wiring harness documentation and associated info., approx 60k miles, runs like a bat outta hell. This engine has been kept in a closed garage and is still strapped to the pallet. I do have the alternator off right now as I needed a 200 amp output for the rear fans.

This can be run with or without p.s. pump which I have.

I am thinking about a complete swap for a 94-95 3.4 DOHC setup for my lambo project, I would need mid mileage eng or rebuild with docs to prove, ( I could keep the getrag if you have one) correct ecm,wiring harness etc.

I just missed out on a complete fiero with smog legal one by one friggn day!!!

Anyway anybody want to swap??

PM me or email me at hmdznrcld@comcast.net

I'll post a link of my powertrain in a few