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Thread: Anniversary Countach Replica on Ebay

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    Anniversary Countach Replica on Ebay

    Just curious if anyone knew anything about this Countach in Calgary. I emailed the owner and he does not know the builder. It looks like an IFG to me. What do you guys think it would be worth? He is asking high twenties. It looks sharp.

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    Re: Anniversary Countach Replica on Ebay

    Worth? In Canada? Lots. Its hard, if not impossible, to get replicas up from the States where they are far more plentiful (and cheap). That car looks really tight to me. Provided that the stretch and the engine swap was done correctly, I'd say that car would go for high twenties to low thirties in the US. Up in Canada?... I'd guess more like mid-forties. This actually looks like one of the better replicas that I've seen run through Ebay in a long time.

    If the seller wants in the high twenties, jump on it! I got my car for a song, probably half of what the parts were worth, and I still have that much into it. If you were to build your car from the ground up, I'd bet you'd be in the thirties without breaking a sweat. Its a great deal. If you're going to buy, go take a look at that car (pay for a mechanic's inspection, too) and then buy it if its in good shape.

    My two cents.
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    Re: Anniversary Countach Replica on Ebay

    This looks like a nicecar.I have a bid in on it and if things work out will be going to see it tomorrow.The bidding has hit 18k us and will probably go higher before it comes due on sunday.The owner has been out of town all week so he has a few people coming to see the car tomorrow..

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