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Thread: Where can i buy

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    Where can i buy

    I need to buy ferrari tail lights for my fiero. any ideas? i need the frame.

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    Re: Where can i buy

    I know there are replica taillights available. I'm sure I have a website saved somewhere. I'll try to track it down.

    Are you looking for the round 308 / 328 / 355 style taillight? Or something different like the T/R or 348 style??

    OEM 308 / 328 / 355 lights are expensive. I have OEM Carello's on my 308. They are just about $1000 per pair now if I remember right. I just saw a set on E-bay for $995.

    I'm sure others know where the replicas can be found as well. I'll look through my bookmarks.

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    Re: Where can i buy

    Lastcry: Which style are you looking for?
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