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Thread: RACING SEATS 4 SALE $200.00

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    RACING SEATS 4 SALE $200.00

    Hello to all, i've got two new black racing seats for sale with uni sliders. The seats are still in the box. One seat still factory sealed the other is open box. i am going to buy real 308 seats for my kit. YES i'm going to spend the big buck$$$$$$$. The open box seat slider i did repaint cuz it got scraped up a bit. The seats look great. I paid $330.00 for both i am asking $150.00 for the unopened box and $50.00 for the open box seat. I have 6 pix of the seats but if interested you will have to e-mail me as i don't know how to post pix in here.Thanks and let me know.

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    Re: RACING SEATS 4 SALE $200.00

    who makes these seats? where are you located?

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