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Thread: Stretched Fiero Chassis

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    Stretched Fiero Chassis

    At DRM Motorsports we are now offering a service of stretching Fiero chassis for you. All stretches are done on a laser leveled frame jig made especially for Fiero based kits and replicas.This is in addition to our custom built tube chassis, built to your specs.For Fiero chassis we remove the drivetrain to do the stretch, and all bracing for the use as a convertable is done as strong and clean as can be possible so that it is not noticable when doors are opened or viewed from a low angle. Contact Keith S. at 519 624-4418 or email at

    Keith Schmitt/ DRM Motorsports

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    Re: Stretched Fiero Chassis

    What are the cost of these services?

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    Re: Stretched Fiero Chassis

    Wow. This must be some sort of record. A reply 1 year, 7 months from the original port.

    I would suggest you call to find of the info. I don't think the folks at DRM come by much. FYi, 519 area code is up in Ontario, Canada just in case you were looking for someone elsewhere.

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    Re: Stretched Fiero Chassis

    Makes you wonder who is on the other end of the post, eh.

    A 355 +3 wheelbase modification is best done on the engine cradle.

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: Stretched Fiero Chassis

    Lackey, You are correct! 519 is Ontario Now I beleive Keith Schmitt sold/ran out of business about a year and some ago. I was in contact with him to buy his 1 kit he had left. I was about to purchase it but I found another place closer. He seemed like a really nice guy, I went to go see the kit and meet him and it was in pretty good condition, so I convinced my buddy to buy it (lol). But I do think he told me he didnt have the business anymore and he was selling all his molds, equiptment, etc.
    ha ha of course that was over a year ago.

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