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Thread: looking for a kit

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    looking for a kit

    does anyone have a kit for sale or know where i could a a kit for a good price i found a spyder kit but i dont know where to get a top or to make it with out a top and have the opening look good so any help would be gr8.


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    Re: looking for a kit

    I will have testarosa kits available for $3000 in a month or so if anyne is interested.

    Joey Burton

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    Re: looking for a kit

    what all will come with the kit and do you have pics?

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    Re: looking for a kit

    Yes , Please post some pictures, i am intrested too. i always wanted a Testarossa, a white one ,form a very certain show, that was very popular some time back.Does it fit the fiero and what kind of stretch does it need and if at all possible post some pictures of the stretch, i was told you have to angle the stretch plates for the rear fenders to fit.

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    Re: looking for a kit

    The kit is for a fiero with a 3.5 inch stretch. I will try to scan some pics tomorrow and post them. The kit includes all exterior fiberglass and was origionaly produced by herritage. More details tomorrow

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    Re: looking for a kit

    That sounds pretty Interesting...but that 3.5" makes me very nervous. I've always thought that a stretch makes things a lot more complicated

    But anyway...Post pics and tell us where you are (roughly) located

    Steven Rossi<br />~Kit Car Wanted~

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    Re: looking for a kit

    I can't get the pics formated to work on this forum. If interested e-mail me at and I'll send pics.

    Thanks, Joey Burton

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    Re: looking for a kit

    Here it is ...

    Joey .. you never said where abouts you are located?
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    Re: looking for a kit

    im in California

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    Re: looking for a kit

    My guess is Oxnard California... for Robert 93030

    DKOV -

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