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Thread: recommended 100% Ron Sutter (sactodreamer)

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    recommended 100% Ron Sutter (sactodreamer)

    Hello TO all

    From here I want to elevate my voice to tell all the one that want me to listen that among us there is an authenticate gentleman

    I refer to Ron Sutter (sactodreamer)

    It sold me its famous mirrors F355, a true wonder, and has had the graciousness to attend my order and to send it to Spain.

    Another it would say ¡¡Oh is a disgust to do the package... to go to USPS. .., etc, etc.!! but the has done it

    Thanks Ron.

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    Re: recommended 100% Ron Sutter (sactodreamer)

    Carlos thank you for posting this. It is so good to hear good news in this industry!

    Carlos, gracias por poste esto. Está así bueno hasta oír albricias en este industria!

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    Re: recommended 100% Ron Sutter (sactodreamer)

    I agree. The mirrors look great and the follow though is second to none.

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    Re: recommended 100% Ron Sutter (sactodreamer)

    Yes, Ron is one of the best! A real quality person (and one of my closest friends )


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    Re: recommended 100% Ron Sutter (sactodreamer)

    Thanks for the kind words Carlos. I think 1/2 of the mirrors I have sold have been out of country (Spain is the first out of North America tho).

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