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Thread: Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

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    Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

    Does anybody can help me. Who or where I should buy Porsche 356 Speedster replica. I'd like to do it by myself. Thank you.

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    Re: Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

    There are several options. The most reliable company is Vintage Speedsters. Lot's of options, stages, etc. I used to own a Vintage 550 Spyder and would visit the Speedster shop from time to time.

    The other option is to go with Thunder Ranch. Tom McBurnie has several options and stages to choose from as well.

    I hope this helps!


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    Re: Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

    I would check out the classified sections the and for a project. You can probably save a lot of pennies that way.

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    Re: Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

    I have in Intermeccanica speedster and its BRILLIANT!
    They say that the Intermeccanica is the closest to the real thing from a Replica point of view and some consider it to be the best quality.
    I am also used to Chesil speedsters in the UK (Intermeccanica stuff is Canadian / US) and they have a really good quality product too, though slightly less close to the original design (more comforts!).
    The down sides of a 356 speedster rep are:
    If you want something to drive in the rain, look to see if you can get one with winding windows. Mine has fabric ones which can be annoying (especially at toll boths etc). Also they are damn hard to seal around the bottom and joins even with the correct body gasket etc. to prevent an influx of dribbles.
    Make sure you can get a good hood for whatever you buy
    Watch out for scammers on VW engines. There's many people out there trying to pass off any old rubbish as a good engine. I think this might be your biggest problem as good bug engines are getting hard to come buy for decent money (don't get me started!!!) Check out some of the VW sites about this!
    JPS seem to be doing a nice coupe replica but to my knowledge wont sell it as a kit.
    That said it is a brilliant introduction to the world of kit cars - hope you enjoy it!!!
    If you have any other qs about mine PM me.

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