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Thread: Fiero Items 4-sale

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    Fiero Items 4-sale

    •84-87 COMPLETE 4 Pc E-brake cable set, includes all three cables, You need these for proper rear brake adjustment. *Check out the other prices, and order from me! Price $60.00 + shipping in the USA

    •85-88 GT decklid recall dust shields (gasket between decklid & glass removed when recalls were done) $55.00 each Only 3 left!

    •Headlight motors 84-86 right or left $40.00 each

    •Headlight lifting assemblies right or left (no motors) some have bulbs $30.00 each

    •I have lots of misc. headlight lifting parts also. Email me for little parts prices

    •86-88 GT rear light wire harness $60.00

    •87-88 Fiero front light wire harness with relay box $75.00

    •Sunroof wind deflectors $15.00

    •84 Only wind deflector Early style smooth *no grain in plastic (RARE) $40.00

    •Nos manual right side mirror $50.00

    •Manual mirrors $20.00 each

    •87 GT set of near mint rubber door gaskets. used to seal the weather out around your windows & doors. Removed from a 87 GT with 1,800 miles. $80.00 pair

    •Computer console covers (center clove box)$50.00 each

    •Hoods $40.00 each *will not ship

    •85-88 Notchback decklid with no luggage rack or wing holes $55.00• Antenna masts $10.00

    •40-50 various plastic inner wheel linners x-lint condition they are from fieros I don't know what models they are from (most coupes and formula I believe) sell them all for $100.00 pick up price

    •85-86 upper plenums with throttle body $50.00

    •4 cylinder instrument dash gauge cluster units, complete with all gauges. $25.00 each. *If you buy all units I have $15.00 each

    •ECMs computers *any 4 cylinder one needed is $25.00• Ecm's V-6 cars $45.00 each *email to see if available

    •A/C compressors from Gt's with low miles $75.00

    •A/C compressor from 4 cyl coupe 18k with hose $70.00

    •Fastback inner sail window trim panel inserts $25.00 pair

    •86-88 GT engine vent cover sets R&L sides $45.00 a set

    •85-88 Coupe vent covers $35.00 set

    •Tilt automatic steering columns/keys *$75.00

    •Manual trani *88 *steering columne with gray 4 spoke steering wheel with nice horn paddles, very nice condition $100.00

    •Brand new never installed NOS right side Manual mirrors $50.00 *

    •Rear impact (GT) bars rust free $40.00

    •Plastic GT rear energy absorber (honey comb) $25.00

    •4-speed 85 GT trani with 80-90k *removed from a GT with major front damage, Never tested, I assume it's good becuase the car was *crashed. No warranty as is! $90.00 pick up price!

    •86 GT 4-speed transmission with 19,000 original miles $400.00

    •86 GT 2.8 engine with 4-speed trani with 40,000 original miles, this is a bolt in plug & play unit...includes: cradle, Struts, calipers, rotors, axels, exhaust (less tips) wire harness, computer, alt, starter $1,200.00 *Or *$900 as a long block

    •86 SE 2.8 engine/auto trani on cradle, No cat, muffler or wire harness 58k original $750.00• 861/2 GT engine with 39,000 original miles. This engine was in a 86 GT 5-speed car."Long Block", I will include the lower intake & fuel injection system that's installed $900.00

    ••Engines located in Mosinee, WI 54455. If you want them shipped by truck freight, you the buyer must arrange shipping. *I will deliver within 400 miles of Mosinee, Wi. 54455 Estimated shipping weight for 2.8 on cradle 650 lbs a 2.8 with bolts ons 490 lbs *Long block 2.8 is 280 lbs on pallet.

    •I have two sets of non speaker cloth seats perfect to be recovered with Mr MIkes Leather *$60.00 a pair. *

    ••Email for for details or photos and Thank you for looking.

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    Re: Fiero Items 4-sale

    •Headlight motors 84-86 right or left $40.00 each
    I would like to purchase a left motor for 1985. Please let me know how.
    Jack Smith

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    Re: Fiero Items 4-sale


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    Re: Fiero Items 4-sale

    Hello Jack,
    Please email me and we can set up the sale. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Dave Andregg

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    Re: Fiero Items 4-sale

    I have a good V6 Radiator for sale fits 86 Fiero. Installed new in 1998. I moved my Radiators to the rear of the car.
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    Re: Fiero Items 4-sale

    Interested in the 84-87 E-brake cable set...still got it? Is it for 6cyl cars? (I have an 87 GT), Also might be interested in the the headlight lifts.

    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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    Re: Fiero Items 4-sale

    I missed the convertible kit for sale. Does anyone else have one available for sale or dimensions on the one that Rockcrawl sold so I can duplicate it?
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