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Thread: Convertible kit for sale

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    Convertible kit for sale

    For Sale: From the makers of convertible conversions for the Porsche 911/930, Mercedes SE, Jaguar XJ-S, and Lexus SC 300/400, an LA Machine (Calif.Conv.Co.) convertible conversion kit for a Pontiac Fiero notchback.

    From the 1993 brochure:
    "The Fiero convertible was designed and engineered with uni-body reinforcement in mind so the steering and original roadcar charachteristics are not compromised. Due to the unique design, you are still able to access the trunk and motor compartment with the top in raised or lowered position. The aerodynamic convertible conversion will enhance the streamline styling and increase the value of your Pontiac Fiero."

    There you have it, how can you resist owning one now? Unfortunately they are no longer being produced, but here's your chance, maybe your last chance ever, to own one of these fabulous conversions. I have a nearly complete unused kit. Included is the assembly manual, frame bracing, brackets and caps, top mechanism, fibreglass decklid, fiberglass header, latches and hooks, and assorted hardware. Items missing from the inventory list are five header mounting blocks (I will make replacements), air vents (two rectangular plastic vents), rubber header seal to body (I will include a good used one from a Sunbird). The original cost of this kit was $2480 plus $490 for the pre-sewn cloth top and boot or $390 for a vynil top and boot.

    I'm selling what I have for $1000, no fabric except a black boot. Considerable discount if you are able to pick this up in eastern PA, meaning I don't have to palletize and ship it. Installation available.

    I have located the original manufacturer of the tops, they still have the Fiero patterns and they will make one in cloth for $450.

    What you see is what you get. The frame reinforcement is in pieces, it needs to be welded together and welded to the bottom of the Fiero. A detailed drawing is included. It does not require removal of any body panels to install. It does not prevent removal of the fuel tank.

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    Re: Convertible kit for sale

    SOLD. Thank you.

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    Re: Convertible kit for sale

    Does the babe come with it? ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: Convertible kit for sale

    No, unfortunately not. But keep in mind she's at least twelve years older now.

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    Re: Convertible kit for sale

    OH,,,,,, but that style ages well! I like car too.

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    Re: Convertible kit for sale

    I missed the convertible kit for sale. Does anyone else have one available for sale or dimensions on the one that Rockcrawl sold so I can duplicate it?
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