I'm considering selling my Cadillac Powered V8 Fiero. It has a 1993 4.9 V8 and an automatic 4L60E from a 1993 Sedan Deville. The engine and trans had 65K miles on it when we started the swap. It has brand new drive axles. For what it's worth, it started out as a notchback 4 cylinder automatic.

The car runs and drives, but needs a few fairly simple things to be road ready:
-exhaust fabricated
-air intake fabricated

The body of the car is currently stock base model Fiero, but I've started swapping on GT panels. It will need a paint job. The interior is in fair condition.

I was planning on restoring it and making it just stock Fiero, but I've lost interest. I have been considering putting a 308 kit or an AD355, but if I add another project to my list, you'll be reading my obituary as my wife will have murdered me.

Right now, I'm just guaging interest; I may sell it, may keep it. I'm looking to get $5000 for it as is. Anything less than that, and I'd rather just keep it. Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!