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Thread: Ebay Countach in Canada

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    Ebay Countach in Canada

    I saw this Anniversary Countach on Ebay and figured I would post the link for any Canadians who might be interested.

    It was listed before not long ago and he was looking for over $40,000 if I remember correctly. In my opinion he will have to go a lot lower than $30,000 U.S. if he wants to sell it but what do I know! LOL
    I have no doubt he likely has that much invested in it but compare it to this Prova Countach that just sold on ebay.

    At $29,995 U.S. for a Prova somebody got a great deal. If I wasn't looking to buy a house I would have been all over that.

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    Re: Ebay Countach in Canada

    If that prova car would have been in Canada i would have pressed the buy it now button in a heartbeat.It is exactly what i am looking for.I have seen it a few times on ebay a few times and each time i am so tempted to buy it.As for the black one.It is nice but still needs a lot of work.For 30 k you should be able to buy a very nice completely done car, up and running with no problems.My search for the perfect car will continue.

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    Re: Ebay Countach in Canada


    The deal on my car fell through, so its still up for sale and looking for a good home. If anyone is interested, full details on on my site at

    $30K takes her home right now.

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