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Thread: Lamborghini replica Gauges on EBay!

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    Lamborghini replica Gauges on EBay!

    Hi Guys,
    I have a set of 7 replica gauges I am selling on EBay with no reserve. They were for a Countach, but I imagine they'd work with a Diablo as well. The sale has lots of nice photos, and it ends this coming Sunday evening, December 22. I figured I'd give you all a heads-up.

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    Re: Lamborghini replica Gauges on EBay!

    Does $799US seem like a good deal on these gauges? Seems like a lot for some unproven unwarranteed ELECTRICAL components. I have always been told to not by used turbos, used electricals, or used up woman! (OK ,,I added that last one from experience) I think I saw VDO's for the V6 for less than $500 for a set of seven.,,,,,,,,Correct me if I'm wrong. :-[

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