Hi all just thought id give this a shot, I have a White 1996Trans Am 83k, Florida car no winters, Automatic Loaded non WS6 trans am. It has Ttops, Leather, power everything, monsoon stereo (casette dont ask why i dont know),keyless and alarm, pwr lumbar, Detailed interior, Flowmaster Exhaust cat-back, Airfoil, K&N CAI, Reprogrammed and refined comp, new rearend, replaced optisark *if u know the fbody u know why, chrome 5 stars, new brakes, fairly new tires, new pwersteering pump, new ac system, new pwer window motors, new radiator, recently replaced plugs, and a new flywheel (had a few teeth go from a bad starter)..and more i have prob forgotten. (its not a lemon i just wanted to take my warranty company for a ride)..Its fast enough to get ya in trouble but when i brought it back from Florida to Rochester ny it was only like 100 in gas. Anyway..
What im looking for is a near finished with some cash or all parts or finished kit for a possible trade, LAMBOS, FERARRI, and any other for that matter are of my interest. Im only looking to get something different the car as a whole has done me well. Just want a new toy..You all know how it is...My car is advertised locally in rochester, ny for 10,300 and i know that this is a fair price...Its not ebay but its reasonable kbb is in the 12's. If anyone is interested please reply or email me at DOMBKOWS001@gannon.edu
I hope to hear from you all soon...I dunno who will be interested but it never hurts