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Thread: NEED HELP!!! F355 kit in Canada??

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    NEED HELP!!! F355 kit in Canada??

    Hey im very new to the kit car world, And it seems to mainly be in the united states. Im wondering if there is any execlent kits for the F355 in canada? If so where are they located and how much are they? Im sure just like everyone else I would like my car to be as close to the original as possable. Please help!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: NEED HELP!!! F355 kit in Canada??

    With respects to the kit car industry in canada,

    The industry isn't as big as in the states in terms of availability of manufacturers. However there is one manufacturer in Toronto that i know about. The shop is called HighTech-Development. They have a complete F-355 kit for $7200 i think. However i was going to make and effort to head over there this week but ive been just a tad too busy. I was going to see their finished kit and post pictures through here. any how i can give you the number and location if you like?

    Marcello Trubiani

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    Re: NEED HELP!!! F355 kit in Canada??

    Yep I believe High-Tech's got what your looking for but i've never seen or heard anything about their kit in Question. In canada it's like winning the find a good kit that won't cost you an arm and a leg requires a lot of searching...e-mailing and patience.

    I'll keep an eye out for you...but i'd suggest searching on other Kit car Places first because they've got thousands of members and the odds of one of them selling their kit project or selling a kit in General is a lot greater then finding one on this newley emerging (and excellent ) forum.

    Good Luck and i'll be sure to e-mail you if i find something for you.
    Steven Rossi<br />~Kit Car Wanted~

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    Re: NEED HELP!!! F355 kit in Canada??

    Mine's for sale if your interested... a 355 kit with donor car already re-enforced, emblems logos lights and everything... about $9200 CAN, or $6000 USD.

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    Re: NEED HELP!!! F355 kit in Canada??

    come see our website we may be able to help you and we are located in canada , very close to the othe company that the other fellow mentioned

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