I haven't been on this site for a while, but it is great to see that the Kit and Replica industry is keeping alive and well. At DRM we have been exceptionaly buisy over the last few months.For any who may be interested in knowing, our 355 Spyder project is still in the works of being perfected. To start we will be offering aninterior package in early January. Another quick note is that we only have a few spots left for bookings in the new year, Anyone interested in having any work done, big or small should contact me and discuss any plans or projects you may want worked on. Hope everyone has a great holliday season. Keith S./DRM Motorsports
519 624-4418
P.S. Over the next few weeks we will also be listing a large number of older used Kits available for sale. These cars will be on our website with prices and photos. http:/www.drmcustom.netfirms.com