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Thread: 1937 pt cruiser Delivery just finished 04 w/ 39,000 miles

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    1937 pt cruiser Delivery just finished 04 w/ 39,000 miles

    1937 PT Cruiser delivery 04 with 38,000 miles
    Just finished the only one of a kind 1937 PT Cruiser its an 04 with only 38,500 miles.
    Front end tilts foward ,rear doors welded shut, windows filled,The 2 person love bug fits in the back with seats out,great for car showes that allow motorized vehicles.
    The 2 seater is extra $2300.00 + 100.00 for ramps.
    This is truly one of a kind why would you want a PT Cruiser that looks like the other 1 million plus?

    Note that the tail lights are also one of a kind, some have one tear drop @ $700.00 + this one I designed is molded on for smoothe look.
    Head lights are 37 Ford repros with turn signals & H4 bulbs @ $450.00

    Paint is all pearles for flames, rest is black with a small flake that realy lights up in the sun.

    Call 352-596-9949 45 miles north of Clearwater FL.

    Price: $15.000

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    Re: 1937 pt cruiser Delivery just finished 04 w/ 39,000 miles

    I saw your PT at Webster the other day. Looks nice! Good luck with your sale.

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