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Thread: Real Mera for sale--308/328 Replica

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    Real Mera for sale--308/328 Replica

    Mera #8150 For Sale
    Visit Fastlane Cars for pictures. Click on their "Foreign/Exotic/Luxury" section.

    V-6, automatic. Beautiful red with t-tops. It's got Falken tires with wheels by Cromodora of Italy. Inside, is a PISA Euro dash and doors mated with Rob's center console and Rodney Dickman's shifter. Leather visors from Mr. Mike's. VDO gauges and a Luisi steering wheel. Not to mention a kick-butt Alpine system.

    Tons of work done to it, lots of parts replaced or fixed. Regular maintenence always performed. All work, included custom interior done by professionals. Lots of paperwork, reciepts, and manuals--all included. This baby was lovingly cared for and always garaged.

    I can't answer your questions about it, but the guys at Fastlane can. Click on their "Foreign/Exotic/Luxury" section.

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    Re: Real Mera for sale--308/328 Replica

    Sure is a VERY nice car. That interior must have been a LOT of work (and $$$$) - too bad that shifter looks so fake. I've seen the meras go for $11k; $17k might be stretching it (in spite of the interior work), especially since used Solstices are now hitting the market at $19k.

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