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Thread: 355 replica CHEAPPP

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    355 replica CHEAPPP

    hey guys i have a 355 replica for a non-stretch frame. the body is mounted on a 1985 fiero se, 5 speed, v4, 150kms.
    the kit is about 65% done. you could finish it or re-do it.
    im located in winnipeg, manitoba, canada. i have no time at all to finish this project, just started a new career in real estate.
    im asking only $3000 for the car and kit.
    if you have n e questions you could reach me at 204-996-4815
    thank you

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    Re: 355 replica CHEAPPP

    Do you have any pictures?

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    Re: 355 replica CHEAPPP

    Coupe or a Spyder? Any extra parts for the kit included - lights, emblems, etc?

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    Re: 355 replica CHEAPPP

    very intrested....pix please!!

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    Re: 355 replica CHEAPPP

    yup yup , pic pls

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