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Thread: Trades?

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    Hey guys

    I have a 2002 Acura RSX Type S fully loaded to the max, every single acura option, Upgraded Reactive exhaust, Sony Explode sound system complete with MP3 10 gb storage, Gt touring Alluminum spoiler, 5 Spoke 17' rims wrapped with low profile yokohamas. Would any body be interested in a possible lambourgini countach trade? doesnt have to fully completed as long as the kit is mounted on the chassis and at least the 2.8 V6 motor? I also have a 2000 Honda S2000 that i need to get rid of also, any offers on those are welcomed


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    Re: Trades?

    Would you consider a trade for an Authentic Lotus Esprit Turbo autgraphed by Emmerson Fittipaldi?

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    Re: Trades?


    I was leaning more towards a Lambo kit, but which car are you interested in trading because as you know i have two? the RSX and the S2000 which one are considering a trade for?

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    Re: Trades?

    I might have just met someone in the Toronto area with a partial Diablo to trade... let me email him to see if its still around

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    Re: Trades?

    Great thanks alot Ari, send me a message once you get the word


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