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Thread: 1988 Corvette L98 TPI  For Sale

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    1988 Corvette L98 TPI  For Sale

    88 Corvette L98 (Tuned Port Injection) engine for sale, 60k miles. Aluminum heads, roller cam, without computer or harness. Motor is very clean and complete with all sensors and fuel injection. Has the stock hi torque starter, the corvette shorty headers. I paid $1800 for it plus shipping. I doubt I will use it now although I may throw it in my 88 Truck. I will sell it for $1500 Firm. I will deliver within 100 miles of Montgomery AL. If shipped, you pay the freight.

    I have a harness and computer out of an 87 GTA for it. (It was a 5 speed car) I had another highly modified engine in the GTA, and used an accel dfi system to run it, so if you get this computer and harness you will need two things to make it work with the vette motor. 1) A 350 chip 2) A stock or aftermarket MAF Will sell computer and harness for $150 with the motor only!

    The Archie kit I have listed is for this type of motor.

    Email responses to Thanks.

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    Re: 1988 Corvette L98 TPI *For Sale

    Here are a couple of pics:

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