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    360 modena

    anybody interested in a 2002 turnkey 360 modena? asking $68,000, there is one for sale and they are asking $58,900 on and that one is built on a crashed mr2 spyder w/ severe front damage (salvage title etc.), my car is built on a 2001 Mr2 spyder with only 4,500 miles, clean title , never been in an accident (in perfect condition), this car is detailed to perfection, has a custom 360 modena interior, all emblems, has been lowered, 18 inch cusom wheels (way better than the 19's on the other car), the exterior is silver, this car is complete , no waiting, note!!!! need only serious inquiries, this car will not be shown to lookers, i've looked at the best replicas in car shows and nothing compares to this one. call (714) 309-6740

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    Re: 360 modena

    XRacer: this is one of the guys we were talking about in the other feed regarding the 360 replica:

    I asked what his relation to Anthony Banks (the original Ad from ebay) this is his reply:

    Supposedly, I was told he is NOT going to sell any more kits; they are only going to do turnkeys at big dollars.

    I bought a kit from them and he is willing to build the car and then I had another situation come up and then decided to try and flip it real quick as I have my own real car company even though I love the lines of the 360 spyder, but we also have a hot sports car line of about 3 cars coming up with unbelievable performance for the money.

    Are you actually interested in buying a 360 kit or what is your interest level?

    I just want to move on and go back to them after the Paris Auto show and get one done and meanwhile would like to sell out of the project. Do u have an offer? Are they saying they are indeed continuing to sell the kits? what price?

    please advise,

    So he wants to unload the project for more money basicly. As well the pics on the site are also actual photos of the actuall 360 replica interior. What ever happened to full side, Front and back photos?

    on his website he says: "I will tell you there are 4 serious parties right now and it will be first come, first serve so this project will be complete one way or the other."

    if there are four serious buyers... why the ads? why bother with "You now have a very limited opportunity to own this on a first come, first serve basis." well it looks like there are at least four ahead of us all!

    I cant stand it when people do business this way... reminds of the old CK3 and Classic Motor Carraiges way of doing business.

    Why would someone offer me "If for whatever reason you do not like the car, then I will personally give you your deposit and another $5,000.00 for your trouble or have the right to buy you out for $30,000.00 if that would work as well."

    Sounds way to good or else we would all be interested, only to say I am unsatisfied and have them pay me 5,000.00 more for my efforts. Sounds like Ronco to me :

    Bottom line... this could very well be a great car in the making but some pretty aweful ways of promoting and conducting business.
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    Re: 360 modena

    An Email I just received:

    Thanks for your interest and inquiries over the past few days.

    As I told u all I was going to build this as a personal car just because I
    love the 360 lines, not necessary to have the "performance", as my sport
    cars and 4x4's with carbon fiber have that and with the advent of not having
    the time to search for a good donor MR2 Spyder and not some piece of garbage
    Fiero (for the most part), I will indeed sell the kit as shown at:

    to the best offer around $10,500.

    this email is being bcc'ed to about 40 parties, as obviously there is a lot
    of buzz regarding this kit and it is the finest I have seen and will either
    buy the project back from you when I get back from Paris at a substantial
    profit next month, reserve my spot currently (if u have a donor already or
    can get one quickly) and/or further reserve the pretty good pricing I have
    right now to to all the cosmetics and other matching. You can spend as much
    or as little depending on far u really want this to be an EXACT or just
    somewhat a like. I guarantee u this will be one of the best cars u ever
    build as it is not on a Fiero frame and the molds, both inside and out are
    being taken DIRECTLY from an ACTUAL real 360.

    Good luck and look forward to hearing back from you at least with a deposit
    and then make further arrangements for the balance.


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