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Thread: Ferrari 355 kit

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    Ferrari 355 kit

    Well I'm not even sure if I should sell but I am getting closer to my wedding and my wife is really stressing about money. I was thinking of selling my ferrari 355 spider kit car. Alittle about it. It is built on a 1986 Fiero, it is a IFG kit. The car has the V6 with 4 speed manual. The kit was done very nice and is painted in Fly Yellow. The interior is still all factory. Runs and drives great with a new clutch and just tuned up. Has replica f355 wheels that are 19" with new rubber. The car still needs some of the exterior badges (only a few) and the interior. How much would I be able to get if I sold the car. Just wanted to get some of your ideas on a ballpark figure. Thanks!

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    Re: Ferrari 355 kit

    I have seen them for as little as $8,500 in the condition you mentioned. Most will look at it as basically a reskinned Fiero at this point.
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    Re: Ferrari 355 kit

    I want to buy it, how much? And if you can email me some pcitures

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