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    Lambo Rims

    I am looking for a set of rims for my Lamborghini any one have a set for sale? I missed out on kitcarnut's rims
    The Prezzz

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    Re: Lambo Rims

    I dont know what kind of Lambo body style you got but I bought 25th style from Motorsport BTW I still did not get it- paid in full month ago

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    Re: Lambo Rims

    Thanks I will see what they have
    The Prezzz

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    Re: Lambo Rims

    I have the older style contouch and I really liked kitcarnut's style rims
    The Prezzz

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    Re: Lambo Rims

    Tom have you checked they have the older style I beleve.

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    Re: Lambo Rims

    Yes I Have they want $3,600.00 for just the rims.
    The Prezzz

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    Re: Lambo Rims

    I went there just now the price went down to $2,200.00
    wish they would go down some more.
    The Prezzz

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    Re: Lambo Rims

    I've got some that would fit your car.

    John Good
    <br />Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    <br />Canada

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    Re: Lambo Rims

    You Got my attension!
    Do you have any pics? what size are they? how much do you want?
    The Prezzz

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