Like Ari, I unfotunatly got scammed by Tony Sousa as well >.I have spent the past 10 months reworking the body I recieved in order to make it good enough to take a set of molds off so I can eventualy offer a body kit that is done properly.I had put a large sum of money in my sevings account over the past few years for this project, but the well has now dried up.In an effort to finish my dream, I am giving up the space I was using for the project and moveing it to my work.I made a deal with my boss where work can be done on other peoples cars in order to finance the finishing of this kit project.Projects can be finished for others or even simply stretch the chassis for you, anything you need.I have extensive experience with fiberglass and building Kits and replicas.Don (the owner of the business) has extensive experience with hotrods, customs and chassis fabrication, as well as building award winning cars. If anyone needs help I can be contacted at work at DRM at or myself or boss can be reached at 519 624-4418. I am located in Cambridge Ont.
Have a great day! ;D Tat2 Keith
P.S. This is a great web site. It is nice to see others helping to keep the kit and replica industry alive in Canada.A common place to discuss and search for answers, helps to keep all of our dreams alive.