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Thread: Wanted: Avery Weatherproof Labels - or:Do you also need custom stickers?

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    Wanted: Avery Weatherproof Labels - or:Do you also need custom stickers?

    Dave mentioned that I might want to consider using these to make my own wheel centers. No-one (CompUSA, Office Depot, Best Buy, Staples etc) carries these locally. I found them on the online Staples and Office Depot sites but only in packs for 50 sheets (100 labels) for around $50.00. I can afford $50 but I really don't need 50 sheets, would be a waste to use only say two sheets and the rest just sit there and rot. So I figured I can try to fix this in one of two ways:

    1. If you happened to have these and are willing to spare say five sheets let me know how much you want for them. I think the number is 15516 but I may be mistaken. They are weatherproof and are large, only two per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

    2. Alternately, if you are also in need of having custom stickers printed out on weatherproof labels speak up here please. If enough folks are thinking the same thing then I will consider buying the big pack and we will either split them up or I will print out the custom stickers for you. Ifanyone has good picts or clip art of the Ferrari decals (engine, door, under the front bonet, radiator etc) send them on. I have a couple done on the shiny tin foil type sticker, if anyone is interested I will scan them in and make them availiable.

    On a side note....I also have the small Ferrari window stickers I can scan in because I will be buying a pack of the clear labels. I paid a pretty penny for these and while they are great, let's be honest...there is no reason to pay big $$$ for a sticker the size of a postage stamp. The little touches like this should not break your build budget.

    Anyway let me know folks.

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    Re: Wanted: Avery Weatherproof Labels - or:Do you also need custom stickers?

    Here is another idea for you. Rather than using the expensive Avery stickers. You could also have your art work printed at a mini lab as a photograph. That would cost you very little about .25 cents a print. Then laminate them so their weatherproof, and use something like carpet tape or some other weatherproof double stick tape on the back. One thing I also did in the past for wheel caps was to take the print, cut it out and pour some of that 2 part clear glaze coat stuff they use on furniture. (good ole Home Depot) When it cures you have a build of about an eighth of an inch thick. Very shinny and looks great.

    As far as the windows go, I was planning on setting up the artwork on a small screen and screen printing it on the windows from the interior of the glass. Probably with some automotive clearcoat mixed with a little white base coat. That would give it a frost look after it was applied and look OEM.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Re: Wanted: Avery Weatherproof Labels - or:Do you also need custom stickers?

    I am interested in the small window stickers. If possible, I would like to buy 12 stickers, 6 in white and 6 in black. If black is not available, I would be willing to buy 10 in white. My email address is

    Please advise?


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