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Thread: Custom parts needed thread...

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    Custom parts needed thread...

    instead of highjacking the other thread I thought I would just start this one to talk about what custom parts for either one offs or production would be needed out in the market.... here was where the other thread left off

    Quote Originally Posted by KOS
    Quote Originally Posted by ITALIANKNIGHTRIDER
    What do you think about this Carbonfiber overlay of the front bumper an side skirts an rear bumper

    where is our 355 guy from Austin Tx. can you machine me out this exhaust tip face plate with twin holes
    wow just stumbled on this one by fluke, I assume that was directed at me ...Just a face plate would be doable...
    Just want to keep things moving along in the appropriate forum.....

    so any more info on these or other ideas out there?

    I am not sure I will be able to just crank out any and all parts, but some things here and there may be doable...wont know without starting a thread and talking about it.....I will post some more info as well as to what I can make, but this may also be a place for others with capabilities to make stuff as well to jump in...

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    Re: Custom parts needed thread...

    Here is a link to my build thread where I have a couple pics of what is in my shop to give an idea of what can be made....

    any questions on what any of the tools do just let me know, happy to answer.

    355 Build progress&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;<br />

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