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Thread: [img]URL[Need f355 exterior door panels/engine lid

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    [img]URL[Need f355 exterior door panels/engine lid

    Does any body have a extra lid I can buy. Ive decided to
    make a f355 off a cavalier/sunbird j body convertible I have.
    Im using a f355 clip for a fiero, and a f355 rear clip for a mr-2. I got to modify them to fit, but Im willing to put the effort into it. I need the engine lid and EXTERIOR door panels. I think
    this can be done, and this car can be used as a excellent
    donar since you can drop the 3.1 turbo of the maclaren grand prix in it. I just finished a exotic futuristic kit motorcycle and
    anxious to start my car project. Any help or suggestions needed and appreciated!

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    Re: [img]URL[Need f355 exterior door panels/engine

    There's one for sale on E-bay. About $400 I think

    DKOV -

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