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Thread: Rear clip for 25th lambo

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    Rear clip for 25th lambo

    Does anybody know if there is a manufacture that makes 25th anniversery bodies in Ont, canada or New york state/ or anywhere close to Ont? I need left and right 1/4 pannels,rear pannel and rear bumper serperate. or complete body without doors and decklets. Re- insurance claim.
    thanks ed/

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    Re: Rear clip for 25th lambo

    i have a friend in houston, Texas that makes countach kits and i am sure he would be able to make you the parts you need. The name of the company is Jemco-exhaust, ask for Jon Easton 1-713-461-3834 . they also build custom exhaust systems for motorcycles and other vehicles. Hes not realy into the kitcar scene anymore a while back his company was called Easton-Armstrong, and he dosn't have a website, but he makes excellent quality kits. His bodies are a exaqct copy of the real countach, not this shortwheelbase ones , he also makes a custom tube chassis for the countach too. Sorry if its not close to you, but any information helps. If the phone number is not right let me know . The guy is a little hard to talk too, so don't let that fool you, his products are first class. i would post some pictures of his bodies, but don't have a scanner yet, any suggestions on a good one to buy. Hope this helps, Adam

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    Re: Rear clip for 25th lambo

    thanks Adam I realy need bit closer cause the trnsportation is as much as the whole kit. thanks again Ed

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    Re: Rear clip for 25th lambo

    Hello Ed:
    There is a company in Quebec called Pigeon Performance, They have a couple of Countach molds. I can't remember if they have the 25th or not, there phone # is 1-(514)831-2791 They do not have a website and they don't advertize the Countach kits, Mainly what they do is the Cobra kits.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Rear clip for 25th lambo

    Check with Jim Dinner. He was considering purchasing
    the old Dave molds .. so if he didnt or did -- atleast they
    are around and you might be able to get a fibreglass
    shop to make one up for ya..
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