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Thread: f355 spyder for sale

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    f355 spyder for sale

    Hey guys, first time here on this website and i like it, i have a 99 355 spyder kit car for sale, it's on the website, I'm asking $27,000 and actually i've received good responses, however most of the really interested people are out of state or in canada, I'm really motivated in selling this car as i'm actually purchasing a $60k kit car next month so i will need the money, the car is yellow and is as clean as this kit car will get, i wont say much more about it, because you really have to see it in person to believe, email me at or call (714) 530-0101 if interested, this car will go on ebay in 2 weeks if i get no serious offers,

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    Re: f355 spyder for sale

    What kind of kit car is the 60K one?
    Here is the link for the car from the above post:

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