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Thread: 95 Viper for Trade

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    95 Viper for Trade

    Hey guys I have a gorgeous 1995 Dodge Viper with right under 25k Miles on it the car is flawless. Its a lovely black color with a creme interior. The car has always been babies and garaged. Its a clean title with a clean carfax, I can email car fax if you'd like. I was going to sell my viper and buy a maserati or 348 or possibly a 355. But now that I am thinking about it maybe I will trade it for a nice kit car. I would be looking into a Murcie or Diablo or maybe Enzo or DDR or something else? Here are the requirements, the car must be flawless with weathersealing or whatever thats stuff is called because I will in Chicago and it does get cold here and rain often. It must at least have a v8 and engine cover. I would prefer a chassis build but if you have one of a fiero it must be perfect! Please let me know with what you have. Feel free to call me anytime or text me 773 368 0555 Thanks, Phil

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    Re: 95 Viper for Trade

    Hey Phil,

    Just curious, What are you looking to get for the Viper?

    Ideally, I was going to wait until next Summer. I was initially looking for a pre 97 with under 15K or so for a Roe Supercharger project. I just helped a friend with his 98 and I've always had the bug for the Viper.

    I just sold my last Buick GN and Formula and am beginning to "thin the rest of the herd" a bit. I'd have to part with the 79 T/A and the 308 replica to make room but who knows, maybe I can anger the wife a bit early. (It's not really the money that' the problem, it's the space!)


    Previous Builds: AF - 308 Replica w/ V8 & GM F-body Testarossa Replica
    Current Toys: 308 V8 Project #2, 91 V-12 Jaguar XJ-S Coupe. 1983 Hurst\Olds, 1979 Trans/AM - 468CID Bracket Car.

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    Re: 95 Viper for Trade

    Hey, well my KBB is 33k so I would be looking for somewhere around there.

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