(I saw this on a news Group in Ottawa and thought I'd post it for you guys.)

I'm selling the following project car. Priorities have changed, so the
car must go. You know how it goes.

Car Details:

- Base platform: 1985 Pontiac Fiero SE
- Mileage: 71,600 kms
- Engine: 2.8 V6, 5 speed.
- Modifications: Roof cut to accept Targa Top. Full tube frame
professionally welded to underside and windshield pillars for
strengthening. Several 100 hours of work already into the chassis.

Kit Details:

- Ferrari 328 from Canadian Sportcars International Inc. in
fibreglass. Comes with assembly video and removalble targa top. All
parts are included and in excellent shape.

Extras to go with the car and kit:

- All original Fiero body panels and trim
- Aluminum Ferrari 5 Star replica rims
- Lowered Rear Springs - not installed
- Polyurethane bushings - not installed

Over 17K invested so far (not including labour)!! Everything has been
stored in a dry garage (and still is.) *Make me a reasonable offer and
the kit is yours.

Let me know and we'll schedule an appoitnment to see it.

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