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Thread: unfinished 355 for sale $3500

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    unfinished 355 for sale $3500

    I'm giving up the dream for now! Here's what I have:

    An IFG/Paul's/etc... clone body kit
    '84 V6 w/ 4spd STRETCHED!!!
    replica interior kit
    a new battery

    Here's what you need:
    A front clip bracket w/ hinges (I could fabricate IF I had some drawings)
    new windsheild
    rear glass
    rear side glass
    extend the fuel line, cooling lines, and the fuel filler neck
    emblems, wheels, lights etc...

    The body is rough. *You'll need alot of patience to make it perfect for paint. *At $3500 there's enough room for alot of stuff. *I bought this kit a more than a year ago when I had no house or wife-now I have both. other projects are taking up my time. *I bought the kit 2nd hand so I don't know the manufacturer and no instructions. *the fiero DOES NOT RUN. *During the stretch and stipping out the interior I disconnected the electrical and don't have time to figure it all out. The car ran good before the stretch. This is sold as is in Woodstock, GA. *The price is $3500 firm cash, don't offer less, I paid over $6000 so far. *My reasons for selling has nothing to do with the "buildability" of the car-just my lack of time for it.
    I will post some pics later today-I dont have pics of the stretch fiero yet my email is if your VERY interested

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    Re: unfinished 355 for sale $3500

    now it comes up for sale cheap.
    already got $5500 plus lot more for engine/susp etc in mine.
    would be interested in interior door panels if you want to sell separate.
    What was I thinking??!!  I could have a VR4 Spyder for this kind of money.

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    Re: unfinished 355 for sale $3500

    I'll give you $750 for the entire interior kit.

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    Re: unfinished 355 for sale $3500

    I'm trying to sell the whole thing, I'll give it a month and if it has not sold I'll consider splitting it up. The problem is the interior is stripped out of the fiero and I sold it!

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