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Thread: 1984 Testarossa Replica For Sale -3/4 finished

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    1984 Testarossa Replica For Sale -3/4 finished

    Well, I've finally come to the realization that I'm not going to finish this car. I keep acquiring new projects, and planning for others, and this one has just been on the backburner too long. On top of that, I built a spec house that I dumped a ton of time and money into, and unfortunately finished right as the market dried up. 2 years later, it hasn't sold, and I could use the money. Plus, the neighbors are complaining that I've got too many cars in the driveway, and the city government is sending me threatening letters. Whew, sorry for the sob story, here's info on the car:

    1984 Fiero donor, stretched 7 inches.
    305 V8 installed (V8 Archie kit )
    4 spd manual transmission
    Stock Fiero interior

    Most body panels are mounted, hood and rear hatch are both hinged
    Still needs:
    Headlight Buckets fabricated
    Grills installed, will need some modification and bodywork on the grilles.
    Exhaust fabricated
    Fuel Filler relocation only halfway finished
    E brake Cable needs repaired or modified

    The car ran and lot drove a year and a half ago. The fuel pump quit, I drained the tank and replaced it, and then started the fuel filler relocation, but I haven't touched it since.

    I'll get some pics of the car up in the next week or so. PM or post here if you're interested in the car. I'm located in eastern Iowa. I'll probably post the car on Ebay in a couple weeks if there's no activity.

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    Re: 1984 Testarossa Replica For Sale -3/4 finished

    how much

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    Re: 1984 Testarossa Replica For Sale -3/4 finished


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