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Thread: Free donor frame

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    Free donor frame

    I have an 86 coupe frame, stripped to the bone, rear glass still flawless (no rear defrost), no suspension, engine... can have cradle too if you want it. It's in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida (pandhandle, between pensacola & panama city). If you want it, email me and you can come pick it up, no charge.

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    Re: Free donor frame

    Forgot to mention, it has sunroof, if it matters any. Gas tank is still intact, but that's about it. Windshield has crack in it. Feel free to write if you have any questions. I guess 'stripped to the bone' isn't exactly accurate, there's a few things left, like gas tank, filler tube, some stuff up front...

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    Re: Free donor frame

    Hey I ll take it. I m just north of Jacksonville. if you can get me your phone number I ll give you a call to work out the details. ....


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    Re: Free donor frame

    Hey Crypto,
    I am in FWB.
    Was wondering if I could hook up with ya.
    I believe I may have talked to you before.
    Do you not drive a Yellow and Black GT?
    I could be wrong.Anyway,I just bought my first Fiero and had a few questions.
    Ok ,sorry for the interuptions!!

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    Re: Free donor frame

    Actually the guy that drives the black and yellow notchback 85GT lives right down the road from me, but I drive (well, sometimes it works.. lol..) a black fastback GT.

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