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Thread: Selling my Countach

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    Selling my Countach

    Sad to say I have to sell my car. The Military is posting me to the UK and I cannot take my car with me. So I have to eather sell her or store her for 4 years and that's not good on a car.... see a few pictures in the Gallery http://www.ontario-replica-car-club....a=myimages;u=4
    Little bit about the car... Just finished installing a 3800 sII SC from a GTP with 50K miles on the donor. The car runs and drives great! The 3800 is a perfect engine for this car... Front and rear sway bars, Back up camera, a sterio system with 10" sub in the center consol and remote door openers... If you have any other questions or need top see pictures from different angles let me know.

    I want 18K for the car..... Thanks Felix

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    Re: Selling my Countach

    I've seen this car in person, guys, and its a helluva bargain at that price!
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    Re: Selling my Countach

    Thanks Bob... I went for a ride downtown Victoria yesterday and a guy in a 70 340 swinger want to take me to the next light.... He did not even come close... ha ha... I love that 3800 SC...

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    Re: Selling my Countach

    You should post some more pictures here..You have to register to see them where you have them posted at.. :'(

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    Re: Selling my Countach

    Not a problem... Here are a couple more pictures...
    This one is before I put the wing back on...
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    Re: Selling my Countach

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    Re: Selling my Countach

    a couple more pictures...
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