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Thread: 328 Convertible on ebay

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    328 Convertible on ebay

    This looks like a very nice rendition of the 328 convertible I think Corson used to produce many years ago. Makes me want to keep my 328 panels and make another convertible after the 355.....

    Anyone near altamonte springs, FL, that could go and have a look?

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    Re: 328 Convertible on ebay

    It is a nice looking 308...

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    Re: 328 Convertible on ebay

    I looked at this car the last time he had it listed on eBay. I would say it is a 50. From 50 feet it looks pretty, up close, not so nice.

    In addition, the car has no top. So what does one do at 4:30 PM in Florida when it rains. The construction is very low quality, nothing fits and the frame is not reinforced properly. But to stay on the positive side the rims and tires are great.
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    Re: 328 Convertible on ebay

    Actually It's a 308. Like Dave, I noticed it the last time it was on E-bay.

    I wonder why the didn't install the headlight covers. They are just totally missing... ??? On one hand I thought, wow!, they removed the roofline and rear portion which is usually a dead giveaway on the 308 replicas. I've even considered making mine a ragtop quite a few times.

    On the other hand, As Dave mentioned, It's just a full time roadster which I really feel cuts the value. I also agree with Dave, I LOVE the wheels. In fact, I'm just posting for some opinions on my 308 since I've lowered it.

    Chime In. and help me out on that one..
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