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Thread: Roadster wheels

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    Roadster wheels

    For Sale: Roadster Wheels - any offset, brake application or size. Polished or powder coated in your choice of color - in a polished rim - just like the real thing. $2400.00 USD Check them out on our website or call us at (780) 452-5829 We also have the new SV wheel!!!

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    Re: Roadster wheels

    its an ok web site... just needs some more detailed information
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    Re: Roadster wheels

    I have a set of these wheels, they are pretty good. Mike is good to deal with too, he has a lot of insight in to the Diablo kits. He is not very good with the internet yet though.

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    Re: Roadster wheels

    Thanks for posting the picture of the wheels with your comment on I am just starting to get into this computer stuff and have to wait for my son to show me how to get them on there. I am sure it is quite simple but.......
    Any way THANKS

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    Re: Roadster wheels

    have you thought of doing Ferrari look alike wheels. I need and F-50 17x10 zero offset and a 17x8 +15mm offset. I would pay $2400 for these in the Fiero bolt pattern and if they looked anything close to the F-50 or testarossa wheels.

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