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Thread: F355 lights wanted

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    F355 lights wanted

    anyone have any rear lights they are selling?

    I saw the one post in the mall, and sent a PM, but just started to look today and not sure if he still has them or not. Also remember someone on here selling ones they made but couldnt find it when i searched ???

    Let me know as well if you have any other lights too..

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    Re: F355 lights wanted

    HI all,

    Jus a friendly bump for ya..... An to avert your eyes to the upper right hand corner to the link, called KitCar links.... This is a list of friendly vendors, and one of the is Ted Rutlands, a ferrari dealer.... Jus cuz your shopping doesn't mean you can't have all the facts, not to mention, he may be parting out an F355.... Do you also check ebay? There was someone parting out F355 parts on it last week.....

    Jus some other thoughts to help a fellow lover of this car!! ;D
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