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Thread: $14,500 Reduced Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

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    $14,500 Reduced Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

    Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla
    see pics at


    Up for grabs is an Urban Gorilla Hummer Kit Car. This kit is 100% completed. Urban Gorilla is the premier Hummer Kit company. Most kits cut corners and the result is a vehicle that everyone knows isn't real. This one is as close to the real deal as you can get for a fraction of the money. LOADED with authentic Hummer parts. The Urban Gorilla Wagon Hummer Kit alone costs $17,000. With the frame, motor, interior, wheels and tires, and stereo, the cost of this project was over $37,000 and countless hours of work. I bought this vehicle for advertising my local restaurant (thus the LOW LOW miles) which has now been sold and I don't have a need for this vehicle anymore.

    This kit is built on a 1969 Ford F250 Chasis with the original 390 Motor. It has Cobra Valve covers and is balanced and blueprinted. Holley 650 cfm 4 barrel carb and dual Flowmaster exhaust. There was some serious work put into this motor and it does a great job powering this vehicle. It sounds great too. Runs very smoothly and you can really hear the power.

    The original owner/assembler of this vehicle was Fowlers Metal Fabrication in Florida, so you can be sure that it was put together right. There are some great custom bumpers as well as a stainless steel dash. All first quality work. A Fairleed with heavy duty cable has been added to the front bumper (no winch included) and authentic Hummer D-Ring's added to the back to complete the package.

    This vehicle was registered with the State of Arizona as a 2000 Hummer Recon - recognizing it as a kit car. It is now registered in NJ. Insuring this vehicle through State Farm was a snap and in AZ payed less than $70 a month for full liability and comprehensive coverage.

    Authentic Hummer Parts & other add-ons:
    OEM Fiberglass Hummer Hood
    OEM Hummer Brushguard
    Stinger Brand 6" Hummer Snorkle
    Hummer Steering Wheel Cap
    Hummer D Ring Rear Tow Hooks
    Complete Set of Hummer Emblems
    Hummer Sticker on rear tailgate
    HumVee Field Light
    Mile Marker Roller Fairlead

    Audio Video System:
    Rockford Fosgate 750S Amplifier (Subs)
    Rockford Fosgate 400S Amplifier (High End)
    2x 12" Volfenhag 1000 Watt DVC Subwoofers
    4x 6.5" Infinity Kappa 63.3 3 Way
    2x 4" Infinity 2 Way
    Pyle PLDVD-97 In-Dash DVD Player
    Hitron PopOut 5.5" TV Screen with Tuner
    Jensen CDX6311 CD Player w/ Remote
    4 Gauge Power Cable Throughout
    8 Gauge Speaker Wire Throughout
    Rockford Fosgate Power Cable Distribution Block & Blade Fuse Holder


    2,200 Miles


    All Regular Scheduled Maintenance Performed

    Passed AZ Emissions 2006

    As-Is - This vehicle does not include a warranty.

    Good Interior

    Good Seats

    Good Dashboard

    Good Panels / Headliner

    Good Exterior

    Average Paint

    Good Trim Condition

    Good Glass Condition

    No Accidents
    No Bodywork

    Super Swamper Tires
    Tire Size: 38"x12.5"x16.5"
    95% Tread Remaining

    16.5" Black Wheels

    Our aim is a fair and honest listing with no surprises once the item is delivered. Below, all known problems are fully disclosed.

    <>AC/Heater unit is present and works fine, but is undersized for a vehicle this big
    No tint on front passenger window
    Small transmission fluid leak - has had no effect on performance
    Front passenger window only rolls down about 50% of the way
    DVD player has occasional sound output glitches
    There is a battery current leak which has not been scoped. The battery drains with about 4 days of non-use
    Turn signals do not blink - they stay on solid when activated
    Paint Condition - this was a good quality paint job, but with all of the work done to the vehicle, there were bound to be some mishaps. There is a 4 inch scratch on the rear driver's door and there are maybe a dozen other minor imperfections (more along the size of a pencil eraser) in various places on the body. Overall the paint looks quite good and these blemishes do not take away from the attractiveness of this vehicle
    Minor interior stains on carpet and seats. Very minimal

    Please remember that the fairlead and D-rings are for decorative purposes only and are not functional
    This vehicle is sold as-is with no warranty. Every attempt has been made to fully disclose all known issues. Unknown flaws may exist. We encourage you to have this vehicle check out by a certified mechanic if you are interested in purchasing it.


    Grey Interior

    Stainless Steel Dash

    Stock Jeep Seats

    Air Conditioner/

    Dual Flowmaster Exhaust


    Power Steering

    Power Windows

    Power Door Locks

    Keyless Entry

    2WD or 4WD

    Brush Guard

    Off Road Tires

    Wide Tires

    Stinger Snorkle

    Mile Marker Fairlead

    Q: How does it drive. Is there any steering play or bump steer. Would you say it drives like a newer large SUV or like an old truck (I have a 1959 Chevy truck which drove horrible on the interstate) Thanks

    A: It has the stock 1969 4wd on it as well as locking rims. There is no significant steering play, but there is a noticable amount of bump in it with the large tires on there. The double steering stabilizer helps with this quite a bit, but it is still noticable. I've never driven anything larger than a Rodeo, nor have a driven an older truck, but I would have to imagine that it handles much more like a 1969 pickup than a newer Tahoe There was no significant suspension work done. Thanks,

    To see a video of this, go to

    Make an offer - Have something to trade?

    Price: $24,500 obo

    City: Saddle River
    State/Locale: NJ
    Country: US

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    Re: Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

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    Re: Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

    I think I would say buy it if you can afford the gas sucker image. If you like Fords, I would think a Ford Fiesta delivery truck from the UK would be better. People might think you make too much money or have too high prices at your usiness with the Hummer Kit.

    BTW: Do you have a carbon crater offset set up somewhere?
    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    Re: Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

    Guys I have owned two H1's and would highly recommend anyone looking at this should consider a used BUT Real H1. If you do your homework you can find a 1997 -99 with mileage under 70k for around $35k.

    I have yet to see a H1 replica that was REMOTELY close to the OEM.... the interior and underbody are always a dead giveaway.

    I have a couple in my H1 Hummer club trying to sell theirs...

    Good luck


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    Re: Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

    I agree, the real H1 is the way to go if your pocket book can afford it.
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    Re: Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

    i wouldnt buy a kit car thats as much as the real car

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    Re: $14,500 Reduced Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

    If anyone is looking to buy a H1 replica, Urban Gorilla is known as one of the best in the industry.

    I have lowered the price by $10k since I am in need to cash. Take it away for less than the kit itself.

    $14,500 and its yours...

    For people who know a good deal when they see one, this is for you!

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    Re: $14,500 Reduced Hummer H1 Wagon Replica - Urban Gorilla

    now thats a good deal

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