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Thread: K1 Attack for sale - NYC - Turnkey car

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    K1 Attack for sale - NYC - Turnkey car

    As posted above, reluctantly I've decided to sell my K1 Attack. I purchased the car already built and titled in 06.

    Car is Black with tan leather but the pics and video's speak for themselves.

    Only thing wrong with the car is the padding on the seats has been removed and a center section cut out. I have a friend that does amazing fiberglass work and intended on putting some plexiglass inserts into the seats with LED's but we never finished them. I will take $1K off the final price of the car to cover the cost to repair them or just replace.

    If interested you are welcome to come to my area on the weekend to check it out or I will help arrange to have it shipped to you (your cost). I'm located about 30 minutes north of NYC.

    I am asking $41,500 obo, I am open to considering trades + cash as well...I am mainly in the market for a 2005 corvette or 350z but willing to discuss options with any serious buyers.

    Contact me at

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    Re: K1 Attack for sale - NYC - Turnkey car

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