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Thread: WTB Fiero Based Kit

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    WTB Fiero Based Kit

    I've got a Fiero I've dropped a 4.9 V8 into. I've been planning to restore the car, but am having second thoughts, and am now considering some sort of rebody. I'm looking for an easy build, something like a 308 or 355 coupe that wouldn't require much chassis modification, and could be finished in a few months. Let me know what you've got, where you are, and what you'd want for it.

    On the other hand, if anyone's looking for an Cadillac 4.9 Powered Fiero for a donor, I'd definitely sell it


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    Re: WTB Fiero Based Kit

    F355 is easier than most out there, the body work is minimal but mounting it and some fabrication is needed. Theres the new Lambo kit for the fiero as well but then

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    Re: WTB Fiero Based Kit

    Where is the car located and how much. Please post pictures...

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    Re: WTB Fiero Based Kit

    I know a guy that has the 328 kit fiberglass only. How much for the 4.9 fiero?

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    Re: WTB Fiero Based Kit

    I'm thinking $5000 for the Fiero, but would consider offers. The car is in Iowa (52601) I'd definitely assist with shipping any way possible. The car runs and drives, but needs some minor things to be road ready - mainly just a muffler, and intake hose/snorkel.
    it's an 87, was originally a 4cyl auto. Drivetrain is now from a 1993 Cadillac (Sedan Deville, IIRC?). It's a 4.9 V8 with the Cadillac transmission, 4 speed auto with overdrive (4t60-E).
    Swap was done using information here:

    Wiring is finished, Fiero cradle was modified, so it uses stock Cadillac mounts. Axles were bought off the shelf from info on FieroAddiciton. New water pump. Cadillac had 65K when drivetrain was removed. Car runs and drives, and aside from the exhaust and intake hose, mainly just needs a paint job.

    I'm away from the car, but will get pics up this weekend.

    I know a guy that has the 328 kit fiberglass only. How much for the 4.9 fiero?
    PM me with contact info if you don't mind. Thanks!

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