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Thread: 355 on Ebay...? on manufacturer

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    355 on Ebay...? on manufacturer

    I was wondering if anyone had heard of Mike Vetter. This is the email and responce I recieved from the seller:

    Yes, Mike Vetter. wrote:

    Any idea on the kit manufacturer?

    Question from: rcrabine
    Title of item: Other Makes :Kit Car : Ferrari F355 spyder
    Seller: rjfiero2001
    Starts: Feb-28-02 12:02:21 PST
    Ends: Mar-03-02 12:02:21 PST
    Price: Starts at $3,000.00
    To view the item, go to:

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    Re: 355 on Ebay...? on manufacturer

    His ebay user name is mikevferrari. He has sold a few completed 355 kits. It is an IFG style kit. You can call him at 321-431-8120, he is in Cocoa, Fl.

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    Re: 355 on Ebay...? on manufacturer

    Mike Vetter had one of his kits featured in Kit car Illustraited about two years ago. Ferrari promptly shut down his kit producing business. He now only sells turnkeys or kits he purchased from Carlise.
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    Re: 355 on Ebay...? on manufacturer

    I've spoke to Mike on many occasions and he is a GREAT guy. I'd trust him with my money but he doesn't sell anything I want. He is a great source of helpful information and builds a great car.

    He's got my thumbs up

    DKOV -

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    Re: 355 on Ebay...? on manufacturer

    His site is as you will notice, no
    hint of Ferrari kits there (anymore)
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