I purchased this roller kit approx. a year ago with the intention using it in the build-up of a Factory Five GTM. Since then, other interests have taken over and my plans to build the GTM have gone by the wayside. All components have been stored indoors and have remained crated since I purchased them.

The components themselves were taken from a wrecked 03 Corvette with approx. 6,000 miles on it. However, every part included was not damaged whatsoever when the car became salvaged and are all in perfect working order (and are nearly new.)

As I'm sure you all know, this engine/trans package is used in countless numbers of kit, custom and off-road applications and is a great power-plant for all of the above.

The following components are included: (all completely stock and OEM)

- Engine (405 hp LS6)
- Complete front and rear suspension
- Transmission
- Torque Tube
- Wheels and Tires
- Steering Column
- Fuel Tanks
- Computer and necessary wiring harnesses

I am located in Red Bluff, CA which is about 2 hours north of Sacramento. If shipping is needed, it should not be a problem as everything is still crated and ready to go!

Asking $13,000

(530)824-5701 -Weekdays -Rick
(530)529-2800 -Weekends